Types of Long-Term TBI Care after a Clarksburg Car Accident

Miley Legal Group

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) is one type of head injury you or a loved one may sustain in a Clarksburg car accident. If it is mild, it will generally heal on its own. However, in cases of a severe TBI, you may face a long road to recovery.

Long-term care of a TBI can be very costly. In times like this, it may help to know that if someone else’s negligent actions led to your Clarksburg car accident, they may be held liable for your losses through a West Virginia personal injury claim.

Some of the types of long-term care that you may require after sustaining a TBI include:

  • assistive technology (wheelchair, specialized keyboard, etc.);
  • specialized care/treatment facility stays;
  • TBI treatment center visits;
  • physical therapy;
  • counseling;
  • medication;
  • speech therapy;
  • long-term care center residency; and
  • life support (if necessary). 

Long-term care for a TBI will depend on the severity of the brain injury and how it has affected you or your loved one’s qualify of life.

If you have been seriously injured in a Clarksburg car accident, speaking with a Clarksburg personal injury lawyer is the best way to protect your legal rights.