Truck Accident in Clarksburg | Clarksburg Personal Injury Lawyer Help

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Trucks cause devastating injuries and property damage during a collision. If you were affected by a truck accident in Clarksburg, you can file a claim against the responsible party to recover damages. The trucking company will aggressively defend the claim against them; for this reason, hiring a Clarksburg personal injury lawyer who has experience with these types of cases is extremely important.

Your lawyer can launch his or her own independent investigation in order to gather evidence that can back up your claim. There are several steps to the truck accident in Clarksburg claim process. Your Clarksburg personal injury lawyer can help ensure that each step is properly handled and that your rights are protected.

Dealing with the Insurance Company

After your truck accident, your Clarksburg personal injury lawyer starts by:

  • reviewing your case;
  • gathering evidence; and
  • submitting the claim to the responsible party’s insurance company.

Once the insurance company receives the claim for your truck accident in Clarksburg, they can:

  • go over the evidence;
  • speak with witnesses; and
  • determine the settlement amount that they are willing to offer for your injuries and/or property damage.

A factor that may come up at this point is comparative negligence. This means that the insurance adjustor will look at your role in the truck accident in Clarksburg and compare it to the truck driver’s part. If your actions were less than 50% responsible for the collision, you may be still entitled to file a personal injury claim; however, your compensation will be adjusted accordingly.

By contacting your Clarksburg personal injury lawyer you can help improve your chances of receiving a fair and full settlement by having a professional help gathering evidence and proof of your role in the accident. The after-effects of a serious tractor trailer accident in West Virginia can be enough to sideline even the most determined victim.