Treatment of Electrical Shock Injuries Caused by a Defective Product

Miley Legal Group

When a product is defective and it causes electrocution or injuries, compensation may be available in a product liability claim to cover the costs of damages, including medical treatment. Injuries from electrical shock can be especially serious or even fatal, like electrocution.

Medical Treatment for Electrical Shock Injuries

The type of treatment and care required will depend on the kind of injuries sustained. For instance, care of a burn injury is dependent on the extent of damage.

If the burn was superficial, antibiotic cream may be all that is required. But more severe burns could result in surgery to remove damaged muscle, amputate the affected limb, or graft skin. Cosmetic surgery may also be performed in some cases to deal with scarring.

Internal organs that were damaged may require surgery or careful observation. Fractures will necessitate care from an orthopedist and eye injuries will require care from an ophthalmologist. If the patient is going through cardiac arrest, lifesaving techniques may be required, such as using a defibrillator.

Recovering Compensation in a Product Liability Claim

Electrical shock injuries and electrocution caused by a consumer product could result in a manufacturer or another party in the chain of distribution being liable. Compensation could address not only the escalating medical expenses (including future costs), but lost earnings, pain and suffering and more. An attorney at The Miley Legal Group can provide consultation regarding a personal injury or wrongful death case.