Treatment for Rabies after a Dog Bite in Clarksburg

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Rabies is a viral infection that affects the central nervous system and ultimately results in death if left untreated. If bitten by a dog or other animal, the transmission of rabies is always a top concern.

Unfortunately, there is no blood test that can determine if a human has contracted rabies after a bite. Therefore, if possible, the dog should be taken to the local health department for observation. If the dog is rabid, or if the dog cannot be located and the medical professionals suspect rabies, they will administer treatment for rabies.

Types of Rabies Treatments

Treatment for rabies consists of a series of shots administered over a period of two weeks. There are two basic kinds of injections.

  • Human Rabies Immune Globulin – as soon as possible after exposure, if the patient has never been immunized for rabies, the doctor will administer Rabies Immune Globulin (RIG) via injection at the wound site. If the patient had been immunized prior to the attack, they will not receive RIG.
  • Vaccines – the patient will also receive a series of vaccines. They will be administered in the arm the day of the bite, and again on days three, seven, and 14. If the patient was previously immunized in the past for rabies, he or she will only receive vaccinations on the day of the bite and on day three.

Speak to an Attorney about a Dog Bite Claim in Clarksburg

Treatment for rabies is crucial to prevent the deadly dog bite infection after a dog bite attack if the dog cannot be found and the presence of rabies cannot be determined.

You may be able to recover expenses related to the post-exposure care and other medical care by filing a claim or lawsuit against the responsible party. To discuss what types of legal action you may be able to take, contact The Miley Legal Group in Clarksburg for a free consultation at (304) 931-4088.