Tips for Avoiding Accidents in Holiday Traffic

Miley Legal Group

Holiday travels bring holiday headaches.  Of course, there are the countless joys of catching up with family and friends, the delectable warm pies, and the comatose pose you’ll strike on the couch after dinner all to look forward to, but before you can enjoy all these luxuries, you have to get there, and get there in one piece.

With so many motorists on the roads, the chances of an accident can greatly increase, so we at The Miley Legal Group have compiled some of the best advice for navigating the Thanksgiving stress and traffic so that you can travel safely.

Before you leave.
While you are on the road or relaxing with family, you don’t want to be worried about the state in which you left your home.  If you will be away for a few days, your home may be vulnerable to all kinds of mischief, but there are a number of things you can do besides making sure to lock the doors and that back window.

  • Don’t post travel plans on social media sites (like Facebook or Twitter).  Alerting potential burglars to the fact that you won’t be home could put you at risk.
  • If you generally leave a key hidden somewhere outside, take it with you.
  • Let a trusted neighbor know you will be away and ask them to keep an extra eye on your house.  Consider also having them pick up your mail for you so it won’t be left open to the world.

Travel time.
As you probably know, traffic can get pretty dense around the holidays.  Of course, if you can, leaving a day or two earlier can help alleviate some of the stress that comes with driving through the holiday rush, but many times, this simply isn’t possible.  So here’s the next best thing.

  • Plan your route ahead of time.  Even if you have a GPS, it’s a good idea to have a backup plan so that you don’t lose time in getting lost or turned around.
  • Fill the tank, check the tires, and change the oil.  Also, budget some extra money for the trip in case you have problems.
  • Take your time and take breaks.  Fatigue and drowsiness account for a large percentage of serious accidents, so if you’re feeling tired, try to plan an overnight stay or find a safe, well-lit place to stop and take a nap.
  • Be prepared for severe weather and delays.  Pack a supply kit in case you have car trouble or become stranded.  Blankets, a flashlight, and a first aid kit are especially important.
  • Keep kids entertained.  Pack snacks, drinks, toys, and games to keep children occupied and minimize the chance that you will be distracted from driving by a fussy child.

The Miley Legal Group wishes you happy holidays and safe travel.  And remember that if you do fall victim to the holiday traffic rush and are injured, we are here for you.  You’ve got a tiger on your side.