Three Types of Serious Traffic Violations & Their Penalties

Miley Legal Group

A traffic citation can be issued when a police officer observes a violation. But they can also be issued in response to a car accident. Although getting a ticket can be a hassle, some are much more serious and could result in severe consequences, such as the loss of one’s driving privileges or even jail time.

Hit and Run Traffic Violations

When someone leaves the scene of an accident, this will result in six points on his/her license. It is one of the most serious offenses. It is considered a hit and run when a driver fails to stop after striking a vehicle or any other kind of property in which there is damage, or causes injury or death to a person (pedestrian, another driver, etc.).

Speeding Traffic Violations

The severity of a speeding offense depends on how fast the person is going and where it occurs. Those going 15 mph or more over the posted limit will receive five points and those speeding in a school zone will receive six points.

Reckless Driving Traffic Violations

Drivers who receive a ticket for reckless driving accumulate six points on their licenses. This type of driving is different from negligence because it’s based on willful disregard for the safety of others.

Examples of reckless driving include:

  • drag racing;
  • excessive speeding (25 mph or more); and
  • driving under the influence (DUI).

Depending on how many points have accumulated on an individual’s license or the type of offense (such as a DUI), there may be other penalties. Additionally, there could be special requirements that must be met in order to get back one’s driving privileges, such as taking a driving course.

If a serious traffic offense has caused a car accident, victims can pursue compensation for damages from the at-fault driver. The Miley Legal Group can help. Call us: 304-931-4088.