Three Tips to Avoid Purchasing Holiday Toys Containing Lead

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The holiday season is once again upon us which means it’s time to start thinking about shopping for toys. While most people are concerned about getting the perfect gift, it’s just as important to think about safety, especially when purchasing gifts for children. In fact, many people don’t realize that certain hazards in toys still exist today.

One example is products that contain lead. Although you’d think this is an issue from the past, a consumer safety group has found it continues to remain a problem.

Ways to Avoid Lead Exposure in Holiday Toys

As surprised as most parents might be that lead in toys exists still today, don’t assume it is a minimal problem.

When purchasing toys for your children, perform these three tasks:

  • Check recalls. When toys have been recalled because of lead contamination, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission publishes recalls. Parents can search for specific toys or sign up to have recall updates sent via email.
  • Be aware of risk factors. There are certain risk factors associated with toys that contain lead. For instance, those made in other countries and imported to the U.S. Additionally, used toys that are picked up at garage sales or antique shops could also contain lead. Certain products are more likely to contain lead, such as jewelry made with metal.
  • Test for lead. There are home kits available to test for lead. But they may not be accurate and they don’t necessarily indicate the amount of lead present. The best results are achieved through a certified laboratory.

The best way to avoid lead in toys is to purchase new toys, especially those made within the United States, and then double-check to make sure they weren’t recalled. If you suspect a child has been exposed, talk to a doctor. A blood test can be performed to detect elevated levels of lead. If the test is positive, the child can then receive the appropriate treatment.

We hope you’ll never need our services, but The Miley Legal Group can review the legal options to file a product liability claim you have if your child is exposed to lead via an unsafe toy. Call us at (304) 931-4088 to set up a consultation.