The Dangers of Driving While Buzzed

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People sometimes mistakenly believe that just a drink or two is no big deal when it comes to driving. As long as they haven’t reached the legal limit of impairment (which is .08 percent in all states), they’re okay. But research has found that driving under the influence but below the legal limit may still impair driving ability.

What is buzzed driving and how does it impact an accident?

The term buzzed means that someone has alcohol in his or her system which may impair judgment. Although the effects may not be much for some, even just one drink can be detrimental. Studies have shown that any amount of alcohol can increase the risk of an accident, leading to the possibility of serious or fatal injuries.

Research at the University of California San Diego found that the severity of a crash is impacted by even a BAC of 0.01 percent. They also found that drivers who were ‘buzzed’ were more likely to be at fault for an accident than sober drivers involved in the accident.

Despite the legal limits that can lead to someone being charged with a DUI, a BAC less than .08 percent may still result in other charges if the buzzed driver caused a serious or deadly crash. Further, a buzzed driver may be liable in a civil suit if he or she caused serious injury or death.

Although DUI accident statistics largely focus on BAC limits of .08 or higher, drivers need to be aware of the increased risks associated with buzzed driving.

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