Teen Distracted Driving Worse than Originally Thought

Miley Legal Group

Distracted driving has always been a serious concern to drivers and law enforcement across our region.  Teenage drivers are especially susceptible to the numerous distractions that cell phones can create when operating a vehicle.  The Miley Legal Group has gone to great lengths to showcase the dangers of texting and driving.  Tim Miley, as a member of the State Legislature, ushered legislation banning not only texting while driving, but required the use of hands free devices while operating a vehicle.  This has led to a direct reduction in the amount of distracted drivers on our roadways.  However, the work must still continue.

A recent study (with accompanying video as seen below) released by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety determined, with the use of video provided by Lytex, Inc., that “[d]rivers were seen engaging in some type of potentially distracting behavior leading up to 58% of all crashes…”  That is certainly higher than what has been previously thought.  Teenage drivers are not paying adequate attention when driving.  We as a community must work diligently to continue to spread awareness of the dangers and work with our local law enforcement to curb this problem.

“I am appalled at these new statistics and I encourage parents, teachers, coaches and community leaders to continue to look at ways to remove this danger from the equation,” stated Miley.  “Operating a vehicle is difficult enough with adequate training, when you add a distraction such as a cell phone, tragic accidents will happen.”

The report included the release of a series of videos that show just how dangerous distracted driving is.  You see teen drivers veering into oncoming traffic, hitting mail boxes and destroying private property.  The accidents are directly linked to using cell phones, changing radio stations or just generally distracted and not paying careful attention.  You can see the inexperience as each of them overcorrects their vehicle and skids out of control.  The videos can be heart wrenching as you watch how terrified the drivers become as they realize accidents are imminent.

Distracted driving is dangerous.  It is especially dangerous for teen drivers and those around them.  Teenaged drivers have the largest number of accidents than any other age group with 963,000 involved in accidents as reported to police in 2013.  Of those crashes, 2,865 resulted in deaths.  Those are staggering numbers that must be reduced.  The Miley Legal Group will continue to raise awareness through out the community.  We see accident victims every day, and a great number of them are due to distracted driving or inexperience of the driver.   We are always here when someone is in need and will work diligently to ensure an accident victim is treated fairly by insurance companies, but preventing accidents and keeping families safe are a key component of what we do.

Source:  www.aaafoundation.org