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More ways seat belts can fail include:

  • Torn webbing – seat belts are made to withstand strong forces. Therefore, they shouldn’t rip, tear and break. If this happens, this is indicative of a seriously defective product. It may mean that the fabric is defective or insufficient, or that some other vehicle defect has caused the belt to get cut or torn.
  • Poor geometry/configuration – If the angle or configuration of a seat belt or seat belt mechanism is off, it could be a potential hazard in the event of a wreck. A poorly planned belt configuration can alter the effectiveness of the device and pose a danger in rollover accidents, causing the driver or passenger to fall forward into the roof of the car while it rolls over.
  • Too much slack due to window shade device – The window shade device, attached to the inside of your car near the top of each window, is designed to give slack to the shoulder belt when being secured. Once in place, it should tighten and hold any passengers in place. If this device fails, it could cause excess slack in the safety belt, and in the event of an accident, leave a driver or passenger unprotected.

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After you’ve been in a wreck, always seek medical attention. Be sure to keep all receipts, bills and itemized documents detailing the fees you incur. Then enlist the help of an experienced product liability attorney. If your seat belt caused your wreck and subsequent injuries, you may be owed compensation. An experienced lawyer will be able to walk you through the steps of filing a defective product claim against the seat belt manufacturer or distributor, so you can recoup costs.

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