Support Groups for Patients Who Suffer Disfigurement

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Many difficult experiences in life can be easily shared with others. But certain traumatic events require more than just a sympathetic ear. It may help to know and speak with someone who is dealing with the effects of a similar event. That is oftentimes the case for accident victims left with disfiguring injuries.

As much help as family and friends might provide, and as much support as they may give, it isn’t always enough. So it’s important to consider other ways of learning how to cope with disfigurement after an accident.

Benefits of Support Groups and Where to Find Them

Some people do better in a one-on-one setting, talking with a therapist or counselor. But others may get further in their recovery in a group setting where they interact with others dealing with similar experiences, such as a traumatic accident and disfigurement.

It can be frustrating to hear others voice, “I understand,” when there really isn’t a way they could understand. But in a support group where people have had the same or similar experiences, it becomes more real.

Another benefit is that in learning to relate with others who have suffered disfiguring injuries, it may make it easier to relate with others outside of the group.

Support Groups for Patients Who Suffer Disfigurement

Check with your doctor or hospital about any groups they may know about. You can also check online for support groups in your area.

For those who have suffered the loss of a limb in an accident, the Amputee Coalition is a great resource. Click on the map to find locations nearby. While there are currently no matches in West Virginia, there is a match in Uniontown, Pennsylvania (The Miracle Walkers) about an hour’s drive from Clarksburg.

For victims of burn injuries, the Burns Recovered Support Group, Inc is an invaluable resource and while located in Missouri, they provide a telephone number (866-997-BURN) that offers help to burn survivors wishing to “share experience, strength, and hope.”

Legal Help after an Accident

Meanwhile, those who suffered disfigurement after a motorcycle accident or other vehicle accident can seek damages if another party is responsible for the accident. Call the Miley Legal Group at 304-931-4088 to set up a consultation.