Steps to Prevent Wrong Site Surgery in West Virginia

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Surgery on the wrong patient or the wrong body part can affect a patient not only on a physical level but emotionally and financially, as well. These kinds of surgical errors should not occur because hospitals have a universal protocol that, when strictly followed, prevents wrong site surgery.

Hospitals’ Universal Pre-Surgery Protocol

Universal pre-surgery protocol includes the following:

  • Pre-procedure verification – your healthcare team must check all medical records and verify that the proper surgery is being performed on the right patient, as well as the right site.
  • Marking the surgical site – the surgical site must be clearly marked and the staff member who marked the site must attend the surgery.
  • Taking a time out – one staff member must designate a time out before an incision is made. At this time, the surgical team must go over the pre-procedure verification steps one more time for the sake of safety. When this time out is ignored, a wrong site surgery can result.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of wrong site surgery, you should speak with a Clarksburg medical malpractice attorney to discuss the possibility of filing a malpractice claim to recover damages for your injuries and related expenses.

Contacting a Clarksburg Medical Malpractice Attorney

Wrong site surgery can lead to serious injuries, prolonged medical care and even death in some cases. If you or a loved one has been a victim of wrong site surgery, call the Clarksburg medical malpractice attorneys at The Miley Legal Group for a FREE consultation – 304-326-1800.