Staying Safe in Tree Stands

Miley Legal Group

Though hunting comes with a number of risks, most responsible hunters take precautions to avoid their negative consequences.  Unfortunately, wearing blaze orange won’t protect you from a tree stand fall, and injuries from these types of accidents are all too common.

If the cause of a fall is a defective tree stand, it may be hard to safeguard against accident; however, there are some precautions you can, and should always take, to ensure that you are in the best position to avoid a fall, and survive one if necessary:

  • Inspect your tree stand before use. Be sure you know exactly how to use your particular product, and never remove pieces, replace parts, or otherwise alter it in anyway.
  • Always use a Full Arrest System/Full Body Harness.  Do not use a single strap or simple chest harness, as these can cause injury.  Be sure to read all manufacturer’s warnings and instructions, and practice using the harness at ground level before you start climbing.
  • Take a signal device in case of emergency.  Someone should always know where you will be when you are hunting, whether a hunting partner or family member, and you should be able to contact this person in case of an emergency.  Take a two-way radio, cell phone, whistle, flare, or other device, and keep it on you at all times.
  • If you fall, try to get back into the tree stand.  If this is not possible, call for help with your signaling device.  While you wait for help, combat suspension trauma – caused by blood pooling in the legs – by pushing against the tree with your legs or continuously moving them.

A tree stand fall may not be your fault; however, that does not mean there is nothing you can do to protect yourself.  These safety procedures may help you in case of an emergency, but in the event that you do suffer injury as a result of a defective product, contact our office.  An attorney at The Miley Legal Group can evaluate your case, and may be able to help you get the compensation you deserve for injuries caused by a manufacturer’s negligence.