Stay Active in West Virginia – But Don’t Blog About it if You’re Injured

Miley Legal Group

You may want to think twice about posting those photos of your latest hiking trip or dance party – especially if you’ve recently filed a West Virginia personal injury claim.

Filing a fraudulent injury claim is bad news, but even real injury victims can be accused of insurance fraud if they don’t watch what they post to Facebook. Insurance claims adjusters are beginning to use claimants’ social media profiles as a method of damaging their personal injury claims.

Say for instance you’re in a car accident on Highway 50 near the Marshall Street interchange. You’ve got a fractured hip that requires surgery for pin implants and you’re on bed rest for 6 weeks. In your down time, you decide to finally post those pictures of your bicycle club’s latest meet-up at Veterans Memorial Park to your Facebook account.

As your West Virginia personal injury claim is being investigated the claims adjuster may look at your profile to see your most recent activity. Suddenly, they see photos of you on your bicycle, looking healthy and in no way injured. This can cause immediate denial of your claim, making it necessary for you to work with your Clarksburg personal injury attorney to provide evidence that those photos were taken prior to the accident.

Insurance companies are quick to jump on any small piece of information that could justify their denial of your claim or a reduced settlement. If you are seeking to file, or have already filed a personal injury claim in West Virginia you need to be mindful of who can access your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media profiles.

Contacting a Clarksburg Personal Injury Attorney

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