Special Training Requirements for Truck Drivers

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Truck drivers must go through special training requirements, as it takes a great deal of skill to safely operate a commercial motor vehicle. When a driver hasn’t received proper training, it increases the risk of an accident. An inappropriately trained truck driver is a key piece of evidence that should be unearthed for Clarksburg accident victims trying to establish fault for their accidents.

Training Requirements for Entry-Level Drivers

Entry-level drivers must receive instruction in the following areas:

  • hours of service – limitations on driving hours, record of duty status, off-duty requirements;
  • driver wellness – avoidance of alcohol, basic health maintenance;
  • whistleblower protection – safety from employer retaliation for questioning safety practices; and
  • driver qualification requirements – federal regulations pertaining to responsibility, disqualifications, procedures for medical exams, medical certification and general qualifications.

Training Requirements for Commercial Driver’s License Program (CDL)

Drivers must hold a valid CDL in order to operate a commercial motor vehicle. There are different classes of licenses, based upon the type of vehicle. Drivers in Clarksburg must pass a knowledge and skills test developed by the state and meet federal standards. Sometimes a third-party agency can administer the skills test.

Training Requirements for Operating a Longer Combination Vehicle (LCV)

There is a special training program that drivers wishing to operate an LCV must complete. An LCV is a tractor that pulls two or more semitrailers weighing more than 80,000 pounds.

The following are categories of instruction required in an LCV training program:

  • orientation;
  • basic operation;
  • safe operating practices;
  • advanced operations; and
  • non-driving activities.

There are numerous other federal requirements for truck drivers. Other examples include adhering to the hours-of-service rules, ensuring the truck is safe for operation, avoiding drowsy driving or texting while driving. Any of these issues could become a significant factor in an accident and if so, deserve discussion with a legal representative.

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