Soft Tissue Injuries, What Are They? How Do They Affect Your Claim?

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What are soft tissue injuries? Your Accident Attorney Provides the Facts

Soft tissue injury is a description used by insurance companies and some medical providers to refer to an injury that does not include a broken bone. These types of injuries can be significant, but are often looked down upon by insurance adjusters.

A simple explanation of soft tissue injuries can be an injury that includes all areas of the body, except for a broken bone, as a bone is not technically soft. This would include your muscle strains, back spasms, strains and other muscular injuries that can often be very painful and restrict your daily life. They can even go so far to cover torn muscles, tendons, etc… which often require surgeries to repair.

How do Insurers View Soft Tissue Injuries?

Insurance adjusters often view soft tissue injuries as insignificant. Those injuries are often dismissed and given little weight when they are reviewing your injury claim. The important thing to remember when dealing with this issue, is that muscles are an organ of your body as well, and it was damaged.

Medical Providers and Soft Tissue Injuries

Medical providers take a different approach when it comes to soft tissue injuries. They have a better understanding of your condition and realize that damages to the connective tissue in your body can cause lifelong troubles. Stretched muscles can lose flexibility and elasticity when they are not treated properly.

It is imperative that if you are diagnosed with a strain, sprain or something more serious, that you get the medical treatment you need to correct or minimize the damage. Torn muscles can be lifelong problems that never improve on their own. Just think about those times when you have seen a family member or friend pull a muscle that went untreated, how much do they struggle to this day?

When receiving treatment for your soft tissue injury, it is important that you relay your condition to your medical provider at every visit. If the injury is bothering you, you need to share that with your doctor. Never assume that you can “power through” or that it will get better on its own, because it won’t.

What Can You Do to Protect your Soft Tissue Claim?

When filing an insurance claim that includes soft tissue injuries, you need to anticipate that the insurance company will look at the claim as frivolous. They will give no weight to those types of injuries without proper documentation and treatment. In order to protect your claim, you need to establish the injury was related to the accident and that it was treated based on doctor’s orders.

The easiest way to get this accomplished be completely honest with your doctor. They will document all of the information you need that will be reviewed by the insurance adjuster. Work with your doctor to get back to an acceptable condition so that you can move on with your life.

It is also not a bad idea to contact an attorney. Our office will make sure that the insurance adjuster looks at your injury seriously and includes those injuries when reviewing your claim. It is never smart to settle with an insurance company without making sure that they have considered all of the damage you have received and how it will impact you for years to come.