Shirley and Carl Funk 2016 Celebrating Volunteers Winners

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Shirley and Carl Funk

of Preston Memorial Hosptial Foundation

Walking into a medical facility, especially a hospital, can make the strongest person instantly nervous.  The uncertainty of potential news, upcoming surgery or visiting with family members has gotten to the best of all of us.  In order to calm some of those nerves, while creating a more welcoming environment, the Preston Memorial Hospital has created a team of volunteers, led by Shirley and Carl Funk, that guide each patient and their family through the entire process from check-in to surgery and beyond.  This program has not only increased patient satisfaction but has created an environment to combat nervousness while enhancing patient care.  Volunteers are what make this program work, Shirley and Carl are key assets to the program and keep it running each day.  That is why The Miley Legal Group and WBOY have selected Shirley and Carl Funk as this month’s Celebrating Volunteers Award winners.

To speak with the couple, you can see how important their service is to the hospital, the patients and to the overall community in which they live.  The exhaustive hours they put in, 13-15 hours on the days they volunteer, are only extended by the additional programs they participate in.  Each with their own separate roles, Shirley as the warm and comforting greeter and Carl as the humorous, yet strict schedule keeper, create an environment that is both welcoming and soothing to those that enter the newly opened facility.  “They are truly a remarkable couple and we are very grateful for their kindness and service to our hospital and community,”  states Kim Liston, the Community Programs Coordinator for Preston Memorial Hospital.  “They have been commended by many patients for their support and by staff members for their dedication and helpfulness.” Clarksburg, Morgantown: News, Sports, Weather

Preston Memorial Hospital Logo    In addition to their volunteer functions as part of the welcoming and surgery transport teams, both Shirley and Carl participate and lead a number of other projects throughout the hospital.  Shirley participates in and spends a number of hours volunteering for the Preston Memorial Hospital’s crafting group, which makes hand made items that are sold through the gift case in the lobby to raise funds for the hospital’s foundation.  She also participates in the volunteer pastoral services, which allows her to comfort and pray with patients upon their request.  They both participate and assist in the numerous hospital-sponsored health fairs and blood drives that occur throughout the community.  This allows them to not only connect with the community but to also increase the health and wellness of their friends and family.

The volunteer hours spent within the hospital are not the only community service that makes up a large portion of Shirley and Carl’s lives.   They also spend a number of hours volunteering throughout the community of Kingwood through various organizations and groups.  You will rarely find a day that either of the Funks are not volunteering or sharing their time to help someone or some group working to enhance the livelihood of those that surround them.

“This month we recognize two very hardworking individuals that spend a lot of their time welcoming and comforting patients as they work through the healthcare maze,”  Gretchen Ross of WBOY stated.  “They provide one of the most important functions of our healthcare industry, concern and care.  Their work not only impacts the patient, but their friends and family.  I gladly honor their work for their community and the impact they make on each and every patient of Preston Memorial.”

“Shirley and Carl Funk are the bright spots that ease the minds of patients, while reassuring their friends and families through what could be a very traumatic experience,”  said Tim Miley, owner of The Miley Legal Group.  “Honoring their work at Preston Memorial not only reflects on the importance of what they do, but also shows the dedication that they have for the hospital, its patients, staff and the entire Kingwood community.”

“I enjoyed getting to know Shirley and Carl and the long history and tradition they hold within the community and the hospital itself.  Both have had a great impact on many and will continue to do so for years to come.”

WBOY’s Story on Shirley and Carl Funk

For more information on the Preston Memorial Foundation, please visit their website at Preston Memorial Hosptial Foundation or on Facebook.