Shinnston Personal Injury Attorney Describes the Date of Occurrence

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Consulting with a Shinnston personal injury attorney is often beneficial. While it is uncommon that judges or the courts would see a date of occurrence any other way with a motorcycle accident than on the actual date that the accident occurred, there are three other theories that may come into play. These theories are:

  • manifestation theory, which suggests that the courts would consider the date when injuries become apparent to the affected party as the date of occurrence;
  • exposure theory, in which the dates of exposure to harmful conditions are considered; and
  • continuous trigger theory, also known as the triple-trigger theory, in which not a particular event, but rather a series of events, are at play in the case.

A Shinnston personal injury attorney can assist you in determining which theory and which date may be considered. Generally, exposure and continuous trigger theories apply more to cases involving harmful substances and subsequent injuries or health conditions; they may not apply in cases of motorcycle accidents. Determining this date may mean the difference between winning and losing a case, and it can play a significant role in how much is sought and ultimately recovered in damages.

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