Shinnston Personal Injury Attorney Compares Date of Occurrence and Claims-Made Cases

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A Shinnston personal injury attorney can help you better understand the difference between occurrence-based and claims-made cases, and which may apply to your motorcycle accident.

Occurrence-based cases offer coverage for injuries that occur during the period of coverage and aim to determine the date of occurrence. Claims-based cases may offer coverage for injuries occurring after a retroactive date; the date of occurrence, a retroactive date, and the date the claim is filed are considered. Understanding these types of cases may prove helpful.

Occurrence-Based Cases

In the case of a motorcycle accident, the date on which the accident occurred is typically defined as the date of occurrence. It is relatively easy to pinpoint when someone was hurt because the impact of the crash was likely the cause. Other theories regarding date of occurrence also exist.

Claims-Made Cases

A claims-made case considers the date of occurrence; the date the individual files the claim, as well as a retroactive date. The third item may limit one’s ability to file a claim if the injury occurred before this date. If the injury occurred after the retroactive date, a claim may be filed.

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