Sharline Woofter of The Salvation Army, Clarksburg Corp. Celebrating Volunteers Winner

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So many of us are familiar with the Red Kettle bell ringers at various locations during the holiday season, and many of us put our pocket change or a few dollar bills into each kettle we come across, but do all of us know that each of those kettles serves a greater purpose through The Salvation Army?  Take it one step further, do most of us know what The Salvation Army does for our communities?  The Salvation Army does a great deal for a large portion of our communities.  These unannounced, unadvertised acts are in step with their mission to serve God by “serving the lost, the vulnerable, the needy, the poor, the hurting, the helpless and the hopeless.”   Each year hundreds and hundreds of volunteer hours are needed to run the various programs organized by The Salvation Army, including those that much is most familiar with around the Holidays, the Red Kettle program and the Angel Tree program.  In addition to those services, The Salvation Army provides a used goods store, a food pantry, crisis response teams and the more unknown services such as fighting human trafficking, assisting the unemployed, our vets and even working to combat addiction.  Every volunteer helps provide those services in some way, through their daily work receiving donated goods, to their driving trips to collect Red Kettle proceeds.

Sharline Woofter is one of those volunteers.  She dedicates over 40 hours each week, Monday through Friday to assist with whatever the local Clarksburg Corps. needs her to do.  She works in the store, the office, the food pantry and even help the driver load and unload donations.  She involves herself with The Salvation Army Church functions as well, including assisting in transporting church members to and from activities.  Sharline has become an integral part of The Salvation Army and chooses to give back, after receiving assistance herself.

     “With the most loving personality, she goes above and beyond what any employee would do but she does it ALL on a volunteer basis,” states Christina Smith of the Clarksburg Corps.  “We don’t know what we would do without her.”

Sharline’s extraordinary dedication and hard work is why The Miley Legal Group along with WBOY has selected her to be this month’s Celebrating Volunteer Award winner.  Her work with The Salvation Army in many forms has and will leave lasting impressions on the many that she comes in contact with.

“Sharline Woofter has taken her life experiences and used them to help improve the lives of others.  Through her work with The Salvation Army, Sharline has enhanced the lives of everyone that comes in contact with her.”  Marisa Matyola of WBOY stated.  “The extensive volunteering she does for our community is astounding.  I am glad she was chosen to be recognized for her hard work.”

“I was impressed to learn that Sharline spends forty hours a week volunteering.  This amount of dedication is unlike anything that I have seen before,”  said Tim Miley, owner of The Miley Legal Group.  “The foundation she is helping to build throughout our community is important for future generations.  The Salvation Army is doing great work, and volunteers, such as Sharline are the cornerstone of their organization and our communities.”

“Volunteers are the backbone of The Salvation Army.  We can not do anything that we do without their help.  We have a very strict budget for paid employees which limits our manpower, so the more volunteers we have the more we can do for the community.”

During the Holiday Season, The Salvation Army is in great need of volunteers.  Some opportunities include volunteer bell ringers, volunteers to sit at the Angel Tree in the Meadowbrook Mall and some assistance at the warehouse to help receive and distribute the gifts received.  Contact The Salvation Army if you are interested in volunteering for these tasks or any others throughout the year.

For more information on The Salvation Army, Clarksburg Corp. visit their website at

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The Celebrating Volunteers awardees receive public recognition for not only themselves but their organization.  They also receive a $500 contribution to the organization they represent in their name.  Marisa Matyola of WBOY TV and Tim Miley of The Miley Legal Group work together to select the awardees from the many nominations received from the public.   The volunteer selected will have demonstrated their commitment to an organization through volunteerism and support.

“I am an avid supporter of volunteerism in our communities,”  Miley stated.  “The Celebrating Volunteers program is a way that we can recognize the hard work and dedication of individuals across our region.”