Shaine Gaines January 2016 Celebrating Volunteers Winner

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Shaine Gaines

Reynoldsville Volunteer Fire Department

During the snowy days of January, our local emergency personnel along with local law enforcement work overtime to ensure the safety of our residents and to assist those motorists that succumb to the treacherous road conditions that come with bad weather.  Many of our small town emergency fire departments are run on a volunteer basis, with neighbors, family and friends that give up their free time to assist those in need.  Old and young alike, men and women put their lives on the line each time a request for assistance is made.  That is why, this month, the winner of the Celebrating Volunteers program comes from one of those dedicated volunteer fire departments, Shaine Gaines.

Gaines, of Wilsonburg, began his volunteer service at an early age.  As the son of Scott and Amanda Gaines, he began his volunteer career with United Health Center and through supporting the Junior Diabetes Research Foundation.  At the age of 15, Shaine, took aim at assisting a man in need of a wheelchair ramp in his neighborhood.  Gathering supplies from the Home Depot, with the assistance of the Reynoldsville VFD and the Wilsonburg Lions Club, Shaine constructed a ramp to assist the resident in entering and exiting his home.  Shaine continued his work with the Reynoldsville VFD, when, at the age of 16, he successfully passed the firefighter exam and became a member of the volunteer fire department.  He continued his work, when at the age of 17, successfully became a certified EMT, spending the next year as a volunteer with the Harrison County Emergency Squad, where he continues today as a full time staff member. Clarksburg, Morgantown: News, Sports, Weather

“Volunteering to better my community has always been an important part of my life.  Whether I am working an accident scene or helping my neighbor clear his driveway, I want to make others lives better, I want to help my community,”  Shaine stated.  “I appreciate the acknowledgement for my work, but I have never volunteered for the recognition.”

“Shaine is an excellent example of someone who has grown up giving back to his community.  Through his service he has positively affected a great number of lives.”  Gretchen Ross of WBOY stated.  “Hearing the story of how he constructed a wheelchair ramp for a neighbor, even after the first set of supplies were stolen, makes me appreciate the work our local volunteers do.  I encourage all young people to view Shaine as an example of what volunteerism means and how it can change a community.”

“We have found another citizen among us that has shown great service to our community.  Throughout my career as an attorney representing accident victims, I have gained great appreciation and respect for our local emergency service personnel.”  Tim Miley, owner of The Miley Legal Group, stated.  “Shaine epitomizes what I love about the youth in our region.  He is hardworking, involved in the community and dedicated to our county and state.  I congratulate him on his service to Harrison County and look forward to recognizing others like him.”

We look forward to recognizing a number of worthy individuals while giving their organizations a part of the spotlight.  The program will continue recognizing volunteers throughout the coming year.  In order to nominate a volunteer to receive this award, please click here.

WBOY’s Story on Shaine Gaines

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