Road Rash Injuries in a West Virginia Motorcycle Accident

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Road rash is a common injury that riders may suffer in a motorcycle accident. If someone else’s negligent actions caused you to suffer serious injuries, contact a Monongalia County personal injury attorney to explore your legal rights.

You could be entitled to compensation to address your medical expenses for road rash, including any future expenses for treatment that may be required at a later date. If you are without income because of road rash, lost wages may be recoverable as well.

Scrapes, lacerations, and abrasions to the skin may be extremely painful. But the level of pain can be significant when the skin is actually rubbed away or torn from the body.

Even when it’s just the surface layer of skin that is damaged, there is a risk of scarring. However, deeper road rash injuries may damage nerves, muscle, and bone. This increases the risk of infection, which could become life-threatening.

Depending on the severity of the injuries, treating the wound might include skin grafting. In some cases it may even be necessary to undergo plastic surgery. This is may be the case especially when the face or other exposed areas of the body are severely damaged.

There are other common injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident for which compensation for bodily and psychological harm may be available.

Contacting a Monongalia County Personal Injury Attorney

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