Road Rash from Motorcycle Accident | Contact Randolph County Attorney

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Many people may think of road rash as a minor injury similar to a rash, as its name suggests. However, this injury is much more serious to a motorcyclist. It can be very painful and may even be debilitating due to the nerve endings that may be exposed or the layers of skin that may have been scraped away. If a motorcycle accident caused your injury, contact a Randolph County motorcycle accident attorney.

Protecting Yourself

Your best bet is to protect yourself to minimize the risk of injury. You may see motorcyclists wearing long sleeves and pants in the summer heat and think they must be crazy. They may be hot, but they wear that type of clothing to protect themselves in case they get knocked off their motorcycle by another motorist or by hitting another object. Pants, long sleeve shirts, as well as boots, gloves, and a helmet can protect your body from injury.

In addition to wearing proper protective equipment, you should use defensive driving techniques. Follow all traffic signs and signals, slow down in rainy weather, and be safe and courteous around other motorists.

Road Rash Effects

Road rash causes more than just a rash. It may cause broken bones, which, when not treated quickly, may cause paralysis. It may also cause bruises, massive wounds, disfigurement, and scars that never heal. Severe bleeding and hanging skin may also be present, necessitating immediate medical attention. It is critical that you call 911 as soon as possible after an accident to ensure the best possible outcome. After you recover, you should also contact a Randolph County motorcycle accident attorney to determine whether you have any right to compensation to pay for medical bills and other damages.