Raw Emotions from an Accident Victim

Miley Legal Group

We recently received this email from one of our clients.  (We have hidden names and specific information to protect privacy.)  This client was in an accident, struck by a distracted driver who was on their phone.  Reading through the email, you feel his emotions.  You experience the heart ache and stress that the accident has caused him.  It becomes very real, very fast for this client and his life will be changed by it.  Read through it; share it with your friends and family.  Don’t let distracted drivers cause you the grief our client and his family has gone through.

Feel the Raw Emotions from the Victim of an Accident

“To be honest this has been the most stressful time of my life, from being hurt then not working, this has messed up the budget my wife had made, which had us on top of our bills, also the hit our savings has taken.  I find myself having horrible anxiety about the whole thing, then trying to find a replacement vehicle has been a nightmare, the lost sleep…lost money, it scares me to think what if it would’ve been worse…then there’s the Kennywood trip I promised my boys before school started that we didn’t get to take and they both play football this year, but my schedule was only allowing me one nights for a game, so I was hoping to use some our of savings to take an extra night or two off since I have no vacation time off to watch them play…well that’s now out of the question.  Then one evening after having an argument with the better half because I said I would tear up my excuse and go to work so I could that the time off, my 11 year old brings in his bank and tells me to take that money so I wouldn’t have to go into work hurting, but could pay our bills.  I used to think people talking about emotional pain were weak or just lying, but I tell you it cuts deep, deeper than I could ever imagine, but I have learned a few things from the experience.  First off, I need more in savings and second they really need to ban hand held devices all together and this is also a trickle down thing as I am just now getting back to work fully although I don’t feel 100%, but I know I will heal.  Well enough belly aching, back to work for me.”

How Accident Lawyers Can Help

Our number one job at The Miley Legal Group is to help our clients get their life back.  We help you put the pieces back together, whether it be financially or emotionally.  We take great pride in the fact that we help clients such as this move forward and work through the pain caused by a traumatic accident.  Again, share this with a friend or family member, especially those going through a similar experience; show them that they are not alone and that there is help available.  Even if they don’t choose to work with us, make sure they get an attorney and any medical help they need to work through the issues that come after an accident.