Questions Insurance Companies Ask After a Truck Accident in West Virginia

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Injuries from a truck accident in West Virginia can be life-altering. Not only does an injured party have to deal with medical care, treatment and recovery but there are also legal issues that must be addressed.

Almost immediately after a truck accident in West Virginia, expect to be contacted by the truck driver’s insurance company. They will likely want to get you to settle quickly but they also want the opportunity for you to make damaging statements about the accident, which could significantly impact your claim.

Some questions insurance companies will typically ask after a truck accident in West Virginia include:

  • What you were doing in your vehicle prior to the accident?
  • What happened after the accident?
  • What types of injuries did you sustain?
  • What type of medical treatment have you undergone?
  • How do your injuries affect your daily life?
  • What other damages, besides medical, have you suffered?

While these may sound like basic, harmless questions, your answers may inadvertently damage your case. This is why you need the help of an experienced West Virginia truck accident lawyer.

There is a lot to think about after experiencing a truck accident in West Virginia, including how to deal with the insurance companies on both sides of the claim. Contacting an experienced West Virginia truck accident lawyer who can help you deal with all aspects of your truck accident claim, start to finish, will allow you to focus on recovery.

Contacting a West Virginia Truck Accident Lawyer

When trucks collide with passenger cars, the results will likely be life-changing. Although there will be a lot of questions and important decisions to make during this time, choosing the right legal representation can help you make the most informed decisions possible while you seek compensation for your medical bills, lost wages and other expenses. The Miley Legal Group in Clarksburg, West Virginia will work with you to fight for the compensation you deserve and help you to move on with your life. Contact us today for a no-cost consultation – 304-326-1800.