Protecting Your Baby or Young Child after an Accident

Miley Legal Group

As with any parent, guardian or temporary caretaker of a young child, there is always a level of nervousness that accompanies you when driving them around in your vehicle.  Although, it may not be at the top of your head, somewhere in your mind, you have some concern on the actions of others behind the wheel and what would you do in the case of an accident.

So after an accident, what do you do to protect you baby or your child?  Well, immediately after the accident, 911 should be called regardless of the injury level.  You never can be to safe when it comes to kids in accidents.  Do not move your child unless absolutely necessary until first responders arrive.  They may have injuries that you are not aware of, in fact their body will react to an accident different from that of an adult.  In addition, you should:

  • Make sure you and your child are seen by a doctor.  Injuries can hide after an accident, we see all the time injuries make appearances after the accident.
  • Follow up with your child’s pediatrician.  It is important that your child’s doctor is informed of the accident and you make an appointment for a follow up visit.
  • Keep an eye out for symptoms of any injury.  Any change in your child’s behavior is a tell-tale sign that something is wrong.  Children are very resilient; however a crash can jar their small bodies very violently, even when strapped appropriately in a car seat.
  • Buy a new car seat.  This should be done immediately.  Any manual to a car seat will tell you that there are no guarantees of safety, after a car seat is in a vehicle involved in a car accident.
  • Notify anyone in regular contact with your child, including teachers, daycare providers, relatives or anyone else that may be supervising your child, of the accident so they can also be on the lookout for any symptoms or changes in behavior.
  • Follow up with any medical providers that have been suggested by your pediatrician or the ER doctors.  Anyone in an accident that has been referred for specialized care should attend to those recommendations, especially children.  It is always better to be safe than to be sorry.

After all is said and done, you child has been in a car accident, you will never be clear on their reaction, it is best to take recovery at a slow pace and comfort your child as best as you can.  They may be nervous getting back into cars or even just being around them.  Never push your child.  Allow them to recover at their own pace, even if it cause problems for you.

If you, or your child has been in an accident that was caused by someone else, even as a passenger in a car where the driver causes the accident, it is important that you have the information you need to ensure you and your family can get back on its feet.  Our office offers a free consultation for parents of children involved in accidents, make sure you protect their rights and their future as well.