Proper Motorcycle Maintenance for Clarksburg Motorcyclists

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Correcting Issues Before a Motorcycle Accident

Owning a motorcycle can be a lot of fun in Clarksburg, but may be dangerous if your bike malfunctions mid-ride. To help keep your bike in tip-top shape and avoid an accident caused by a bike malfunction, here are some tips for how to maintain a motorcycle.

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Change Your Oil Regularly

Just like a car, the oil in your motorcycle needs changing on a regular basis. Motorcycles have a lot of parts that work together, creating a lot of friction. The thing that keeps all of those parts from deteriorating at a rapid rate is oil.

When your bike doesn’t have enough oil, your engine is at risk of an early death. Check your owner’s manual for tips on how often you should change your oil and what type of oil you should use. Unless you’re a skilled mechanic, get work done by a professional.

Clean Your Air Filter

The air filter is an important part of keeping your motorcycle operating as it should. If you don’t clean your air filter on a regular basis, then a lack of airflow could affect the performance of your bike.

Like changing the oil, check your manual to see how often to change an air filter. Change it more often if you’re prone to riding in particularly dusty environments.

Keep Tires in Check

Tires are essential for safety for both motorcycles and cars. When tires have uneven tread wear, low air pressure, or are otherwise defective or deteriorated, they create a serious risk of an accident. Never ride your bike when air pressure in the tire is too low. And always keep an eye out for uneven tread wear and any other visible deformities, like bumps or bulging.

Charge Your Battery

Getting caught in the cold with a bike that won’t start isn’t pleasant. To ensure it doesn’t happen to you, make sure you keep your battery charged and check for corrosion around the battery and its wires.

An Attorney Can Help if You’re in a Motorcycle Accident

Performing motorcycle maintenance can help keep your bike from giving out on you, but it doesn’t mean that other drivers on the road are always going to be on alert. Further, some motorcycles might contain defects that increase the risk of an accident.

If you are in a motorcycle accident, the personal injury attorneys at the Miley Legal Group can help you file a claim for damages. You can set up your consultation by calling us at 304-931-4088 or filling out our contact form.