Sutton Injury Lawyer | Product Liability Claim with Fuel-Fed Fires

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A Sutton injury lawyer may prove very helpful if you are dealing with a product liability claim following a fuel-fed fire. In some cases, after being in an accident, a vehicle may erupt into what’s called a fuel-fed fire that may cause considerable damage or injury.

In such cases, a fuel line or tank is ruptured by the accident, spilling gas onto the car and the nearby roadway. Just one spark can set off an explosion, which may envelop the driver and passengers inside, causing severe burns, injuries and possibly even death.

In some cases, the incident may be due to a defective or faulty part of the vehicle. If you believe a defective car part was the cause of your fuel-fed fire and injuries, consider filing a product liability claim. This could help you recoup costs for your medical bills, damages and lost wages.

Types & Causes of Defects

A defective car part may result in a fuel-fed fire after a collision in many ways. An experienced Sutton injury lawyer can help you handle the claim as you look to determine liability.

The product “defect” may includes one or more of the following:

  • poor location or placement of the tank, including tanks placed on the side or rear of the vehicle, where they are more easily punctured;
  • inadequate, poor or easily broken materials used in the tank, fuel filler necks or fuel lines;
  • defective welding;
  • poor location or placement of the fuel lines that positions them where they can be easily ruptured or pinched;
  • lack of a tank shield;
  • faulty fuel lines, pumps or siphons;
  • poor construction or design of the fuel lines or tank; and
  • inadequate safety shut-offs.

When one of these defects leads to a fuel-fed fire, injuring you or any passengers in your vehicle, you have the right to compensation. Consider filing a product liability claim against the manufacturer to recover costs for your injuries and damages, and those of your loved ones. Contact a Sutton injury lawyer at The Miley Legal Group today.