Preventing Back-Over Accidents

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Back-over accidents-those in which the victim is struck when a car is “backing up” in a driveway or parking lot-are surprisingly common.  Much of this is owed to the fact that small children can be difficult to see when a car is traveling in reverse.

Although most children who are injured in a back-over accident recover, some children are severely injured or even killed. Children involved in a back-over accident in Clarksburg can receive serious injuries. Listed below are some of the most common injuries experienced with back-over accidents:

  • Arms and legs (53.6%);
  • Head, neck and face (28%);
  • Abrasions and minor contusions (56%); and
  • Internal injuries, such as fractures – 39.95% for children ages 4 years and younger and 17.5% for children ages to 10 to 14 years.

This common type of auto accident can many times be prevented. Here are some ways to prevent a back-over accident in Clarksburg:

  • Always look around the vehicle before getting into it to back up;
  • Look in all your mirrors and in your blind spot before backing up;
  • Back up slowly, continuing to check your mirrors and blind spot; and
  • Install a device that will alert you if someone or something is in the way of your vehicle.

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