Post- Accident Photo List

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Pictures are Important to your Auto Accident Claim

After an accident, it is imperative to collect as much information as you can, but only after you have received any necessary medical attention.  If you are in no condition or have been removed from the scene, see if a friend, family member, or bystander can grab a few shots for you.

Once you begin dealing with an insurance company, and then determine you need an attorney to help you, you will be glad that you have pictures of the accident and scene.  Stories of those involved will change as time goes by.  Details of the accident will be forgotten, or even embellished by the other drivers.  Pictures can help keep memories fresh.

Post- Accident Photo List

Take Photos of All Involved Vehicles

  • Grab a number of shots of each of the involved vehicles in the accident.  Get them from as many angles as you can.
  • Take close ups and from a distance in order to get both details and a full perspective of the damage.  Every detail can have an effect on your claim and who is responsible.
  • Try to include pictures at the scene, if you can’t suggest that law enforcement or a friend does. (Remember your priority is getting the medical attention you need!)

Take Photos of the Accident Scene

  • You want to snap pictures of the roadway after the accident with the cars still in place if possible.
  • You also want shots of the accident scene after the cars have been removed.  Be sure to capture skid marks and damage to surrounding property.
  • Make sure to note the weather and conditions of the road at the time of the accident. (A quick photo can document this as well.)

Take Photos of Each Driver’s Information

  • It is a good idea to get a shot of the license plate of the vehicles involved.
  • You might consider getting a shot of a driver’s license and the insurance cards to document it and to prevent errors later on.

Car and Motorcycle Accident Damage Photos are Important

If you or a loved one has been in an accident and is dealing with the insurance company, you will want as much evidence that accurately shows who is liable, even if a portion is your responsibility.  Don’t depend on law enforcement to get photos for you, some jurisdictions will get photos, others may not.  Feel free to contact our office if you have any questions or need additional information on taking your accident photos.