Personal Injury Lawyer in Bridgeport West VA Explains Shoulder Injury

Miley Legal Group

Seat belts, although designed to keep people safe, can cause a number of shoulder injuries in an accident in West Virginia. A personal injury claim is the route to take when you want to pursue compensation for your injuries, and you can discuss this with a personal injury lawyer near Bridgeport, West Virginia,

People don’t realize just how often they use their shoulder until it has been injured; pain and limited range-of motion after a shoulder injury can make daily activities like reaching for an item on a shelf or brushing your teeth extremely difficult.

Depending upon the nature and severity of the injuries, a shoulder injury caused by a seat belt can have distressing complications, such as:

  • a stiff shoulder with an inability to raise the arm;
  • long-term pain;
  • atrophy;
  • risk of arthritis;
  • increased changes of future shoulder injuries; and
  • a loss of range-of-motion.

Shoulder injuries take a lot of time to heal and require numerous treatments. In some cases, surgery and extensive physical therapy are required.

If you’ve suffered a shoulder injury in an accident that was someone else’s fault, you can file a West Virginia personal injury claim with a personal injury lawyer. In Bridgeport, West Virginia, you can work with your attorney to discuss your options and seek reimbursement for you medical bills and other accident-related expenses.