Personal Injury Attorney In Marion County Explains Auto Accidents Due To Manufacturing

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Although automobile manufacturers use various quality control procedures to ensure their vehicles meet safety and design standards, sometimes faulty parts are used. Some vehicles can be manufactured with defects, or they may develop them over time. These flaws not only affect the performance of the vehicle, but they cause safety hazards as well. The severity of a defect can be so great that it can cause auto accidents that result in serious injuries or even death. Find out the most common types of defects and why you should contact a personal injury attorney in Marion County to handle your case.

Types of Defects That May Cause You to Be Injured

Defects are often caused during the manufacturing or design of the vehicle. Manufacturing defects in a vehicle can have many unintended effects, and these defects can include an improperly done welding job, defective batteries or, in the case of the recently recalled Toyota Prius, floor mats that were improperly installed, which caused the vehicle to accelerate unintentionally.

Design defects often affect the whole product line. These are often more serious because all vehicles must meet safety standards established by the government. They can affect any part of the car and include stuck accelerator pedals caused by defective antilock brake systems, doors that do not fully shut or faulty steering components that make the vehicle difficult to control.

Some of the most common types of defects include:

  • Defective seat belts – Some seat belts do not secure the driver and passengers properly, leading to increased risk of injury in the event of auto accidents.
  • Defective airbags – Although airbags have been proven to significantly reduce the severity of injuries in auto accidents, they can cause injuries if deployed improperly. In some instances, they may not deploy at all.
  • Defective tires – Some tires have been known to be especially prone to blowouts, causing major auto accidents.
  • Improper structure – Some vehicles have experienced structural problems, leading to sudden collapse or rollover incidents, causing severe injuries.

If your vehicle has had any of these issues, contact a personal injury attorney in Marion County right away to discuss your legal options. Your attorney will help you through your case and get you the compensation you deserve.