Paige Robinson of North Appalachian Teen Challenge May 2017 Celebrating Volunteers Winner

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With the escalating drug problem among every age group across our state, there are a number of programs and medical providers that focus on each of them.  One such program that focuses on teenagers with drug and alcohol issues in our area is the Northern AppalachianTeen Challenge.  A Christain-based rehabilitation organization aimed at young adults, Teen Challenge has been part of West Virginia for over 30 years.  In 2009, Northern Appalachian Teen Challenge was opened as a referral center here in North Central West Virginia.  Since then, hundreds of teens have been offered a chance to start over, to begin again, to fight the addiction and the behaviors that surround addiction.

Rehabilitation was a large part of Paige Robinson’s experience with Teen Challenge.  As a graduate of Teen Challenge, she experienced first hand the work that is done through the organization.  “Before I had no direction; I was empty and alone,” said Paige.  “Now I know without a shadow of a doubt that He has a plan for my future.”  As a volunteer, Paige shares her experiences and assists in providing hope and a future to the youth that enter the program, which can last up to 15 weeks.  The emphasis on Christian values and Biblical principles is what sets the Teen Challenge program apart from traditional rehabilitation facilities.

teen challenge logo     “I wake up every day of my life with a calm and a joy that no earthly thing could ever bring.  I praise Jesus Christ for His work on the cross and I am so thankful for Teen Challenge.”

Progress is key, not only with the rehab of each and every participant, but also with the Teen Challenge organization.  A great effort has been made to purchase and build an addiction treatment facility within our region and that effort is coming to fruition.  Currently, a facility that will be able to house participants within dorm style rooms, with a state of the art training center including a chapel area, is being built on Route 19, just outside of Clarksburg.  This 28 dorm style room facility is a huge step for the treatment of addiction in our area.

Paige is being honored for her hard work within the organization.  She not only provides guidance to new entrants into the program, but she provides an example of what they can become.  Her volunteer work has provided a number of teens in our area with the resources they need to push past their reservations and work through the addictions they face.

“As a journalist, I see the effect of drug addiction on families and the hurt it causes,” Gretchen Ross of WBOY stated.  “Treatment facilities like the one Teen Challenge will open soon, and organizations that help treat the teens in our area will have a lasting impact on their families and the community. Volunteers like Paige, that have gone through the same experiences, are important and have a great impact on those affected by drug addiction.”

“Drug and alcohol abuse has become one of the top issues for our community leaders,” said Tim Miley, owner of The Miley Legal Group.  “Volunteers such as Paige Robinson and those of Teen Challenge provide a much needed service to not only those directly affected by addiction, but the community they reside.  I look forward to continually supporting Teen Challenge and other organizations aimed at fighting this addiction that is overtaking our region.”

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For those interested in learning more about the North Appalachain Teen Challenge program, they can be contacted at (304)933-3209 or by visiting their website at

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     The Celebrating Volunteers awardees receive public recognition for not only themselves, but their organization.  They also receive a $500 contribution to the organization they represent in their name.  Gretchen Ross of WBOY TV and Tim Miley of The Miley Legal Group work together to select the awardees from the many nominations received from the public.   The volunteer selected will have demonstrated their commitment to an organization through volunteerism and support.

“I am an avid supporter of volunteerism in our communities.”  Miley stated.  “The Celebrating Volunteers program is a way that we can recognize the hard work and dedication of individuals across our region.”