Not Ready to Speak to a Lawyer?

Miley Legal Group

Have you been injured in an accident?  You probably have a number of questions.  Do I need a lawyer for my claim?  Should I wait to hire one?  Who should I hire?  Can I trust the insurance company?

These are all valid questions.  In fact we hear them every day.  It is understandable that you are confused, but do not let the confusion lead to stress.  Take your time and heal.  Your number one priority should be to take care of yourself; the legal stuff can come later.

Important:  Keep in mind that West Virginia law requires that most personal injury cases need to be filed however you do need to keep in mind that your claim has to be filed within 2 years of the accident, so don’t wait until the last minute to make you decision.  Hiring a lawyer does take time, we know you want the right fit and to be comfortable with your attorney.

We do however; have a few tips for you to ensure that you do not compromise your accident claim.

They include:

  1. Do not talk about the details of your accident with anyone other than the members of your immediate family, and even then be careful it does not end up on social media.
  2. Make sure you attend any and all medical appointments, follow ups or referrals that your doctor discusses with you.  Your priority should be getting better and following your doctor’s advice is key to your success.
  3. Be aware that the other party’s insurance company may have you under surveillance (yes, they will spy on you).  They will be attempting to find out how injured you appear and to gather evidence to use against you in the future.
  4. Do not sign documents relating to your accident, no matter who provides them – employers and government agencies included.
  5. Maintain a file folder where you can keep all information about your accident and related injuries.  You should keep medical bills, all insurance documents and all legal documents.  This will greatly assist you attorney when you decide to hire one.
  6. When you decide that you want an attorney, make sure you look for one that fits your needs and the needs of your case.  Visit and request our book The 5 Critical Factors You Must Consider Before You Hire a Lawyer.