No Texting Law in West Virginia Carries Heavy Fines

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West Virginia’s no texting and driving law became effective July 1, 2012, containing some stiff fines for violators, but will they make a difference? When penalties fall short in deterring distracted drivers, the consequences can be quite serious and even life threatening. If the new no texting law fails to deliver, victims and their families may have to turn to West Virginia’s negligence laws and an auto accident attorney in Preston County for help.

In comparison to other states, West Virginia’s no texting fines are aggressive. First time violators face a $100 fine, second offenders a $200 fine, and third and subsequent offenders a $300 fine. In addition, third and subsequent offenders will see three points added to their driver’s license. The higher fines are an attempt to bring a so far reluctant crowd into compliance.

A recent study conducted by the Highway Loss Data Institute, an affiliate of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, found that texting laws in effect in 2010 were not reducing the risk or number of crashes. At what level does a person decide that the cost is too high to assume the risk?

Legislators struggle with this issue every time they pass a law prohibiting some type of action. West Virginia is relying on its steeper fines to catch the attention of distracted drivers. However, what may be needed most is a strong outreach campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of texting and driving, as well as West Virginia’s new tough stance on distracted driving.

The Worst Case Scenario

If the worst case scenario happens and a distracted driver ignores West Virginia’s no texting law and injures you, attorneys with the Miley Legal Group are ready to help. We have an auto accident attorney in Preston County and in other localities of West Virginia who are ready to devote their time and attention to helping you recover the compensation that you need and deserve.

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