No Insurance Information? How Do You File an Accident Claim?

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In an Accident and Other Driver Refuses to Provide Insurance Information?

You have been in an accident and the other driver refused to provide you with their insurance information or you were taken from the scene by EMS and you never quite got the insurance information you need to file a claim.  Don’t worry, there are a few ways to get the information you need to make sure the responsible party pays for your injuries and property damages.

The first location to look is the police report or the crash exchange form.  The police officer that responded to the incident should have gathered this information and listed it on the incident report.  The report should include the name of the other driver, their contact information and the insurance policy information.  If you have the police report and it is not listed or they provided false documentation to the police and have no insurance, there are still other options.

Your Accident Attorneys Can Help Gather All Insurance Information.

In some instances, further investigation can be done by a private investigator.  A private investigator can review the report and identify varying pieces of information that may be helpful in tracking down the other driver.  In addition there are information resources available that can assist in not only identifying the driver, but also where they live, what assets they may have and where they can be reached.  Unfortunately for those that like to keep their information private, there is a good amount in the public domain about each of us.

If for some reason you have exhausted all of your options and still have not identified an insurance policy of the at-fault driver, you can then start looking at other options, including any uninsured motorist coverage you may have on your own policy.  This is especially helpful under circumstances where the other driver does not have insurance or if you were involved in a hit and run, and the other driver could not be identified or located.

Make Sure You Have Uninsured Motorist Insurance Coverage to Protect You From Hit and Run Accidents.

Uninsured motorist coverage (UM) is made available to you by your own insurance company.  It is an amount based on your other coverage and can be refused by the policy purchaser.  Make sure you have this coverage in case you need it.  Don’t regret not buying it after the fact!  Although, you will then need to file a claim against your own policy, it should not affect the cost of your insurance, as UM is no-fault insurance, including no fault of yours.

If you have been involved in a hit and run or in an accident with someone without insurance, let  us review your case to identify possible insurance policies that you may file a claim against.  We have discovered that in some cases, some research is required to identify all of the insurance funds that may be available to you.  Feel free to give us a call for a FREE case evaluation.