Negligence Law | Wrongful Death Claims in Clarksburg

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Clarksburg Wrongful Death Attorney Explains Wrongful Death Suits

If someone is negligent and it results in the death of another person, it is within the deceased family’s rights to contact a lawyer and file a wrongful death claim. The laws that cover this area can vary from state to state, which makes it important for anyone in this situation to get in touch with a Clarksburg wrongful death attorney; they can help you with your case.

In essence, negligence laws are completely separate from charging the negligent party with a criminal act. What this means is that if the negligent party was acquitted of all charges in a criminal case, the party still can be sued by the victim’s family in a separate wrongful death suit. And this all starts with a wrongful death claim, which can be filed more easily with the help of a Clarksburg wrongful death attorney.

It is important to note that a wrongful death claim can be filed against someone whether or not this person intentionally meant to hurt or kill the victim, which can include scenarios like:

  • A homeowner who leaves a gate to his or her pool open and someone falls in and drowns unintentionally.
  • A driver who crashes into another vehicle, unintentionally killing the other driver.
  • A fight between two parties results in the death of one party.
  • Someone intentionally murders another person.

In any case, the person who caused the death, inadvertently or otherwise, is liable and held accountable. This person is the responsible party, and he or she can be sued by the victim’s family. Generally, the family can file a suit with the help of an attorney to make sure that the claim is filed correctly and that the appropriate negligence laws are highlighted.