Negligence as a Cause in a Glenville Wrongful Death Claim

Miley Legal Group

A wrongful death claim is the result of someone dying in an avoidable situation. For example, a patient might be given the wrong medication, which leads to his or her death. There are a lot of different causes of wrongful death and knowing them can make the difference in the success of your claim. A Glenville wrongful death attorney can educate you on the causes and your best course of action.

Negligence is one of the most common causes of wrongful death. In the case of negligence, someone simply neglects to do his or her job or fails to take proper precautions. Gross negligence is a deliberate act of not doing what is necessary, which makes it more severe.

Either way, simple mistakes, lack of attention or other omissions can lead to wrongful death. If you have lost a loved one simply because of negligence, you deserve compensation and justice.

When the death or personal injury in question is the result of a negligent party, either in part or fully, they should be held responsible. As long as the death is determined to have been wrongful, whoever caused it willingly or otherwise can be held accountable.

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