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T-CLOCS Leads to Less Motorcycle Accidents – Clarksburg Attorneys

T-CLOCS leads to safer rides, which was the intent of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, who came up with this quick checklist to be performed before you hit the road.  What does it mean you ask?  Well each letter of the acronym is what you would think, a part on the bike.

More specifically:

T – Tires and Wheels:  As one of the most integral part of the bike (can’t move without the wheels), this should be the first thing you check.  Looking for damages to the tires or even the wheels can save you a ton of headaches further down the road.  Are your rims free of dings?  What about the spokes?  How is the tread on your tires?

C – Controls and Cables:  Check your cables.  You need to look for any damages to the throttle and clutch cables.  Damage to either can cause you grief and even leave you stranded.  Do a systems check through the handle bars, including the brakes, to ensure it is fully functioning.

L – Lights and Electrical:  Do your lights work?  Verify that the headlight and signal lights work, those can be lifesaving when driving in heavy traffic.  You need to see and be seen.  Bulbs can be a quick swap on most models, and you can easily carry a few around with you along with any fuses you may need.

O – Oil and Other Fluids:  Oil and gas keeps your engine moving, while coolants help keep it running long term.  Check them all, if you don’t and you ignore warning signs, long term – and expensive – damage is eminent.

C – Chassis:  What does a chassis have to do with safety you ask?  Have you ever tried to make a fast corner with an improperly adjusted suspension?  It not only makes it different, it can be dangerous.  So take the time and make sure the bike not only runs smoothly, but rides smoothly as well.

S – Stands:  Side stands and center stands are very important to the safety of your bike.  It not only keeps your motorcycle off the ground, but it also keeps them from damage that could result in a quick tumble.  Avoid the potential damage and make sure the stand(s) on your bike are not cracked or warped.

Prevent Motorcycle Accidents – Educate Newbies

We hope this information is helpful, for a more extensive checklist, please check out the Motorcycle Safety Foundation’s checklist.  Most of the experienced riders have already seen or heard about T-CLOCS, but there are new riders that may not have.  It is up to experienced riders to share this information with younger ones.  Don’t let them make the same mistakes that you have seen and adjusted to before.  Keeping them safe and responsible, keeps everyone safe.

If you need more information on motorcycle accidents and what to do after, feel free to give us a call.  We have the resources you can use to make sure you are fully protected if something happens.