Most People Hate the Idea of Filing a Lawsuit Until…

Miley Legal Group

Working for a law firm, especially a personal injury law firm, I hear a lot of comments on law suits and attorneys.  The one that has become more widespread is the idea that using our court system and filing a lawsuit is bad.  People are turned off by the idea of suing others.  That is…until it becomes necessary.

In my daily job as a legal assistant, I see horrible things happen to good people every day.  Do you know what most people say to me?    “I never thought this would happen to me or my loved one.”  Throughout my career, I have learned that most accidents can happen in an instant and the effects can last for years.  No one expects a tragic accident to happen to them and so they allow themselves to create a mentality that lawsuits are bad.  But just look at a few examples of the most tragic incidences I have come across.  These people were living there lives, not expecting anything to happen, then out of the blue, they need an attorney.

…A young driver in his early twenties stopped behind an automobile accident that had occurred just ahead of him waiting for traffic to clear.  As he sits waiting another driver, who was too distracted to notice that traffic had come to a stop, plows into the back of the young man’s car.  The impact was so hard that the young man suffered fatal injuries and perished at the scene.

…A meter reader going about his daily job of traveling from house to house while performing his job, is viciously attacked by a large dog on his route.  During the attack, the meter reader suffered a broken middle finger on his right hand.  The break was so severe that it caused permanent damage that will affect him for years to come.

…A blind woman was crossing a city street legally in the cross walk, when out of nowhere a vehicle approached.  The vehicle passed into the crosswalk and struck the woman with such force that it tossed her into the air.  She not only suffered a gash in her head that required multiple stitches, her left leg and knee were injured.

…A young high school girl is out on a date, riding as a passenger, in a vehicle being driven by her boyfriend.  The vehicle made a left hand turn only to be struck on the young girl’s side of the car.  The accident was so severe that the young girl, among other various injuries, suffered a broken jaw, which results in her mouth being wired shut for an extended period of time.

All of these tragic examples are of completely innocent people, going about their normal daily lives, minding their own business, not doing anything wrong.  They like most did not want to use a lawyer or want to file a claim.  They were thrust into the legal system by circumstances beyond their control.   Their lives and the lives of their loved ones were turned upside down in a split second.

This is just a small example of the unfortunate incidents people experience.  As a psychological defense, we all have a tendency to believe that bad accidents only happen to reckless individuals and that filing a lawsuit is bad.  This way of thinking allows many to sleep better at night.  However, the unfortunate truth remains; bad things really do happen to good people and the legal system is a necessity.

Should you find yourself or that of a family member in a similar unfortunate circumstance, I encourage you to call The Miley Legal Group.  We understand that bad things really do happen to good people who are just going about living their daily lives.  We work hard to help you recuperate from your injuries.  The court system is there when you need it and you never know when that may be.