Liability in a Car Accident | West Virginia Car Accident Attorney

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If you are involved in a car accident in West Virginia, your first thought may be, who is at fault? Some accidents are not caused by anyone. Damaged roadways or sudden hazards can cause accidents without a person being at fault.

Most, however, are caused by negligent drivers. If you are involved in a car accident, you should seek the help of a car accident attorney immediately so they can prove liability.

Your car accident attorney will interview you and any witnesses to gather details about the accident
. They will also seek evidence from police reports and may have experts reconstruct the accident.

If it is determined that more than 1 person is liable, it can make the process more difficult
. In this case, a comparative negligence system would be used to allocate fault between the parties. Although this can make the case more complex, your legal team will use all the resources they have available to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve.

Parties that Could be Held Liable for a Car Accident in West Virginia

All drivers, passengers and pedestrians are required to use care to protect themselves and others while traveling on roadways. In many cases, the plaintiff, or accident victim, is the one who was negligent. Even a pedestrian or passenger in a car can be considered negligent.

For example, pedestrians who make sudden moves that cause them to be struck by a car are considered negligent. Car passengers who purposely distract the driver or interfere with their driving can also be considered negligent. Even riding with a driver who is drunk, tired or reckless is a case for negligence.

In any case, the defendant must be able to prove that the plaintiff contributed to the accident and caused the injuries. Car accidents happen every day and many cannot be avoided.

You need an attorney to help you understand your rights. Don’t try to determine liability on your own. Without an experienced car accident attorney, you will be left on your own to prove your case and will most likely end up with little or no compensation.

An attorney can help you recover money for:

  • medical bills;
  • lost wages; and
  • pain and suffering.