Is the insurance adjuster being fair?

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The short answer is: Probably Not!

An insurance adjuster’s job is to save their company money and to do that they have to keep it from you!

After you have been involved in a car accident, whether there are injuries or not, you will have to deal with an insurance adjuster.  A claim has to be made and you need to report the accident to both yours and the other driver’s insurance company.  Your claim will then automatically be assigned to an insurance adjuster, maybe even two, from each company.  The phone calls and letters will then begin.  (One of their tactics is to overwhelm you. And they will start on that right away.)

Don’t expect to be treated as their commercials say: “as a good neighbor” “in good hands” or even “on your side.”

The truth about accident claim adjusters.

The truth is, the insurance adjuster has a job to do.  It is in their best interest to make sure they settle your claim quickly and cheaply.  The more money they can keep for their company, the more compensation they will receive in the long wrong.  Minimizing claim cost is their primary focus.  They will get rewarded with bonuses and career advancements based on how well the company does at keeping your claim costs low.

Is that unethical, immoral, or unfair?  Some say “yes,” some say “no.”  We have seen adjuster who are unfair and even those that are unethical.  We have seen our clients unfairly treated by insurance companies and we have seen some insurance adjusters treat clients so poorly that a claim of bad faith was filed and eventually won!

How you can tell if your accident claim is fair.

Here are a few things you should be on the lookout for in determining if your insurance adjuster is crossing a line:

  • Immediate denial of your claim without a specific reason. You need to get help right away if this happens!
  • All out refusing to negotiate with you or review your medical injuries.  Once again, you need help!
  • Delaying or strong arming you into accepting whatever they offer.  This may even include switching adjuster multiple times to add to the delay.
  • Ignoring or disputing facts of the accident. Even those reported by the police!

Don’t let the adjuster take advantage of you.

If you feel that you adjuster is trying any of these tactics, you need our help now!  Keep in mind, that these are not the only “tricks of the trade.”  Insurance adjusters are smart and many have years of experience, they come up with new and inventive ways to reduce your claim all the time.  You need someone with experience that had your best interests at heart.  (Unless you have been in hundreds of accidents, most victims never have the experience to match an adjuster who has been settling claims for 30 plus years!)

The best possible way to ensure that you are not going to be taken advantage of is to hire an attorney that has the resources to get you the answers you need and to make sure the insurance companies treat you fairly.  You need an attorney that can go “head to head” with an experienced adjuster screaming “NO PAY!”