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When you are in a car accident in Clarksburg, there are important facts you need to know when it comes to your car accident claim. There are a few insurance adjuster tactics that may be used to compromise your ability to be fully compensated in a car accident.

The moments after a car accident in Clarksburg can be chaotic. You may be confused, injured, or even angry. Your behavior in those initial moments may impact your ability to file a successful car accident claim in the future. This can be especially important if the adjuster arrives at the scene.

At the Scene of a Car Accident in West Virginia

There are some things to remember when you’re at the scene of an accident: 

  • Say as little as possible — sometimes you can damage your claim by saying something as harmless as “I’m sorry;”
  • Don’t take the check — sometimes an adjuster will actually be armed with a check at the scene to resolve the claim immediately; and
  • Record everything — the names of the other parties, witnesses, and investigators will prove valuable in the future.

If your vehicle is damaged, you’ll undoubtedly need repairs. If an adjuster tries to give you the name of a preferred repair shop in West Virginia, that should be a red flag.

Often the insurance company has made arrangements to get a cheaper price at those shops, and with the cheaper price can come a bill for less repairs than you may need. The visible damage from the crash may be gone, but you may have frame or suspension damage that can’t be seen.

In the days following an accident, a personal injury attorney can help you through the process of filing your car accident claim. Having a legal representative as your advocate is important to identify and counter these insurance adjuster tactics.

A personal injury attorney should be present when you finally make a statement involving your accident. It’s possible an insurance adjuster will ask you questions that are designed to diminish your rightful car accident claim.

Common insurance adjuster tactics during questioning are: 

  • How could you have avoided the crash?
  • Did you have any pre-existing injuries before accident?
  • Did the weather affect you in the accident?

During the process of making your claim, it’s important to have a personal injury attorney to guide you and ensure that you are justly compensated.

A Clarksburg Personal Injury Can Protect Your Rights

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