Injuries Resulting from Manufacturing Mistakes

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When manufacturing mistakes cause injuries to consumers, a product liability claim could lead to compensation. If seeking damages, the injured party must demonstrate that he or she was using the product as intended and that the product is defective and caused injuries.

Pursuing a Claim for an Injury Caused by Manufacturing Mistakes

Manufacturers have a responsibility to ensure their products are safe for consumer use, so even if a flaw was the result of a simple mistake, the manufacturer may still be held liable for any injuries and damages.

Mistakes can arise out of:

  • missing or broken parts;
  • improper construction;
  • contamination of materials; and
  • a variety of other circumstances.

You would need to prove what the defect was and that it was the cause of your injuries.

An example would be a child’s car seat. It might have been properly designed but during the manufacturing process, a mistake caused the safety harness clasp to malfunction. If you are in an accident and the child suffers injuries because of the defect in the clasp, you may have a viable claim against a manufacturer.

Although you can’t blame a manufacturer for the car accident in this case, if you can show your child’s injuries in a crash were more severe because of a faulty clasp, this could lead to compensation for damages. You would need to connect the injuries to the manufacturing mistake.

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Product injuries can be caused by other issues in addition to problems in the manufacturing process. This may include design defects and improper product safety warnings.

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