Incidence of Hunting Accidents Clarksburg Hunters Should Know

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In peak hunting season, dozens of people are injured or killed each month in hunting accidents across America. The national organization CASH compiles an online database of the news stories of hunting accidents that occur each year.

CASH, which stands for Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting, may have somewhat of a prejudiced agenda, but its database consists of only news reports. Also, many hunting accidents may go unreported or may not make the news, and may be absent from the database.

Hunting Accidents are Too Common

At least one person was killed in a hunting accident in every month of 2014; sometimes, dozens of people were killed or injured in a single month. July, a month in which only few people hunt, had the fewest number of accidents in 2014, per the CASH database of news stories. November had the highest number of incidents. There were over 80 cases of hunting accidents that month, according to CASH’s Hunting Accident Reports Center.

Two Hunting Accidents in West Virginia

Tree stand accident: In late November, a grandfather and grandson out hunting fell out of their tree stand in Marshall County. They were treated in the hospital for injuries. The grandfather’s injuries were so severe that he was transferred to Ruby Memorial Hospital in Morgantown.

Unexplained death: On the opening day of the buck firearms season, a 62-year-old hunter was found dead in an elevated hunting shack in Sistersville. The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources investigated the case.

Numerous factors contribute to hunting accidents. In some cases, a hunter accidentally shoots someone, mistaking the person for game. In other cases, a person may fall out of a tree stand or fall victim to a fire from a faulty heater in the deer blind. Accidental discharge of firearms is another possible cause of devastating hunting accidents.

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