Impact of Inspector Qualifications as Evidence after a Truck Accident

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Truck accident cases can be much more complicated than a typical motor vehicle crash. There may be a variety of elements that play a role in determining liability. One example is when malfunctioning or deficient equipment caused the accident. This could stem from a failure to properly inspect the truck and its parts.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulates rules pertaining to the proper inspection of large trucks, which could be of significance in a case. Violations may help determine a potential cause as well as liability.

How Inspector Qualifications May Impact a Truck Accident Case

One of the areas that the FMCSA oversees in the trucking industry is inspection. This is required at regular and periodic intervals. Drivers must also provide a report pertaining to certain parts on the truck after each workday. The goal is to ensure that all trucks are safe for the road, reducing the risk of a crash.

But another important factor when it comes to annual inspections on trucks is that the person responsible for performing them is qualified. FMCSA requires an understanding of certain criteria in being able to identify defective parts.

The truck inspectors must have knowledge with regard to:

  • tools;
  • procedures;
  • equipment; and
  • methods.

Experience and/or training is critical. Inspectors may demonstrate their eligibility through a variety of means such as completing a state or federally-sponsored training program or certification. Inspectors must have training and experience that totals at least one year. There are even separate qualifications outlined for brake inspectors.

Truck safety inspections matter to an accident claim. Not only in that inspectors must perform them correctly and ensure defective vehicles aren’t allowed on the road but also if an inspector didn’t meet the standards mandated by FMCSA. Both of these situations could impact a claim.

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