How Use of Motorcycle Safety Equipment Affects Recovery of Damages

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If you were injured in a motorcycle crash and it was the fault of someone else, you may be eligible to seek compensation. But your use of safety gear – or lack thereof – may be a factor in your claim to recover damages.

Compensation for Injuries Sustained in a Motorcycle Accident

Proving that another party was at fault is critical if you hope to receive compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and more. However, if it’s found that the injuries sustained could have been reduced or even avoided had the proper gear been worn, it could impact the amount you are entitled to receive.

For example, severity of a traumatic brain injury may have been reduced had you been wearing a helmet. Eye damage from debris might have been prevented had you been wearing eye protection. Helmets and eye protection are required by law in West Virginia.

On the other hand, if you weren’t wearing a helmet, but suffered a broken arm as a result of the accident, your recovery may not be affected because the helmet could not have protected the arm. The circumstances of the accident and injuries – including the use of motorcycle safety gear – will be evaluated when filing a claim.

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