How to Adjust Your Mirrors the Right Way and Additional Accessories That Will Help You See Better

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Blind spots can be extremely dangerous because drivers are unable to see other vehicles and may change lanes when it’s unsafe to do so, causing an accident. But knowing how to adjust the car mirrors properly, along with using additional accessories, can give drivers a better view.

Adjusting Car Mirrors to Reduce Blind Spots When Driving

Adjust mirrors before driving, not during. Of course, it could become necessary to make minor adjustments once on the road; if so, pull over to a safe spot and do so there. Always adjust the mirrors when seated and in a comfortable position.

To adjust the inside (rearview) mirror, make sure you can see the entire rear window. You should only have to move your eyes to see the rearview mirror, not your head.

To adjust the driver’s side mirror, set it so you can slightly see the side of your car. Then move it just enough you can no longer see the side of the car, recommends J.D. Power. Do the same with the passenger side mirror. Doing this gives you greater visibility of the lanes next to you.

Additional Accessories That Will Help Drivers See Better

To improve visibility, consider putting on blind spot mirrors. Depending on the type, they may have to be installed with tools or attached with clamps or adhesives.

Blind spot mirrors designed for the driver and/or passenger sides makes it safer to merge and change lanes. There are also accessories for the inside (rearview) mirror which enlarges vision with a panoramic view. Some also help reduce headlight glare from approaching vehicles.

Even with adjusting the mirrors correctly and using accessories such as these, blind spots may still exist. So it’s important to use caution before making any maneuvers that could cause an accident. If you’re in an accident in Clarksburg, call the Miley Legal Group at 304-931-4088 or contact us online to set up a consultation.