How Nursing Home Negligence Can Lead to Wrongful Death

Miley Legal Group

The loss of an elderly loved one who resided in a nursing home is a common occurrence, but in some cases, the loss is a wrongful death resulting from nursing home negligence.

Nursing homes can be safe havens where the elderly receive the daily care they need, but unfortunately, these institutions can also be places where abuse and neglect take place. At times, the abuse is intentionally inflicted; for example, when a staff member pushes or hits a resident. This is a crime and should be dealt with accordingly.

In many cases, though, the residents suffer because the staff at the home is poorly trained or overextended and make common and dangerous mistakes. These oversights can lead to generally poor supervision and wrongful death due to:

  • falls;
  • infections;
  • poor hygiene;
  • insufficient nutrition; and
  • over-medication and other pharmaceutical errors.

Because the elderly are at the end of their lives, their deaths – as sad as they may be – are usually viewed as natural and expected, so their families may not even suspect that the tragedy could have been prevented. It’s important to look into the circumstances surrounding your loved one’s passing to determine whether nursing home neglect took place, so that you can talk over your options with an attorney.

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