How Long Will My Injury Accident Claim Take?

Miley Legal Group

Each personal injury case is different.

Every personal injury case is different. A typical accident case with injuries that require follow up treatment can take several months to complete, and that is after you are released from your medical providers.

Dog bite cases or those that involve a slip and fall accident generally can take up to a few months to a year depending on the extent of the injury and the responsiveness of the parties involved, including the insurance company.

Car accident cases can vary greatly. We have had car accident cases that have settled in six months, but then we have seen them extend on well past two years.

Factors that affect the timeline of a case:

The reality is that the length of your case will directly depend on some factors that are out of your control and out of the control of your attorney. First off, the amount of time it takes you to recover will put a hold on your claim. The healing of your injuries is the most crucial aspect of your claim. We want you to get better and get as close to your pre-accident condition as you can before we even begin to have settlement discussions with the insurance company.

Secondly, once we do being discussions with the insurance company, we have no control over how long it will take to respond and what their response will be. Some rules and regulations cover insurance companies and their response to a claim, however many insurance companies will ignore the timeline or request extensions so the injured party gets frustrated and will be more likely to take whatever they offer.

If the insurance company denies liability or offers an amount that is well below what we consider fair, the claim may then turn into a case, and that will extend the time even further. If a lawsuit is filed, that begins some legal processes including discovery, depositions, court hearings, mediation and some other steps.

Insurance adjusters have a large impact on the timeline of your case.

Unfortunately, we are seeing time and again that insurance adjusters are becoming more challenging to work with. Insurance companies are pushing their luck more and more each day, which only adds time to the length of your claim. Fair offers are fewer and farther between. The time has changed when a claim is said to be worth a specific amount based on the injuries and medical bills associated with the injured party. The more valuable the claim is, or the more extensive the injuries are, the longer it takes for the insurance company to decide what they will offer and how far they will go before an attorney forces their hand.

How do you handle the length of time it takes for your accident claim?

As stated before, a simple injury claim can turn into a long drawn out process. Our suggestion is for you to be prepared from the beginning and have not expectations on when your case will be resolved. You want to be treated fairly, and you want to return your life to normal, and that process will take time. We work hard to move your claim along, but we also want to ensure that adequate consideration is given to all aspects of your claim and that the insurance company does not try and take advantage of someone in a situation where they are tired of waiting and just want their case to be over.